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Vacuum & Small Appliance Repair

In the past few years, we’ve worked on over 10,000 various types of small appliances for both electrical and mechanical equipment/device repairs. That is probably because we are the only repair shop still open and offer repair services to people who want to be environmentally responsible by reusing instead of buying new.

We repair all makes of vacuums. Most vacuums have simple things go wrong. Thus, instead of buying new, it may be well worth it to get it repaired. We can give you a free estimate on most vacuum repairs.

Having your vacuums serviced often extends their life by years. The most common problem with vacuums is the rubber drive belt that turns the brush roll breaks due to overheating caused by hair or rug threads stuck between the brush roll and its end caps. This in turn can melt the casing. Also, clogged filters make your vacuum unit run hot and reduce its suction.

We fix:

  • Vacuums
  • Microwaves
  • Small appliances such as heaters, toasters, irons, fans, blenders, mixers, kettles, etc.
  • Remote controls
  • Electric fireplaces
  • Lamps
  • Sewing machines and parts
  • Shampooers
  • Power tools
  • Built-in vacs (central vacuum units built inside your walls)
  • Electric power washers
  • Shavers
  • Stereo simple repairs (noisy controls, bad connections, etc.)
  • Odd handyman tasks, such as fixing a loose leg on a table, suitcase handle, toys, etc.
  • Any other devices you can carry in

Just ask us and we will let you know whether we can fix it for you or not. Honestly!

We also do sharpening of knives, cheese slicers, lawn mower blades, scissors, gardening tools such as pruners, and any item with a straight blade (not hand saws).